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Ellen Lamari Ellen Louise Ellen MorganAlexander Morgan is owned and operated by Ellen Lamari (formerly Ellen Morgan).  Ellen has worked as an accountant in Adelaide for many years at both small and medium firms. Alexander Morgan started as a very small business offering services to individuals and business owners. In July 2011 Ellen decided to upgrade to her very own office in Broadview and in December 2019 moved to a shared office space in Prospect.

There is paper backing Ellen’s practical experience. She has a double degree from the University of South Australia in Commerce and Management, her CPA qualification (the best looking certificate) and has held a Tax Agent’s License since 2008.

A note from Ellen:

"Thanks for reading my website, I just wanted to let you know that I have had years of experience helping clients with rental property and small businesses. I enjoy getting inside my client’s world and helping them get the most out of their investment and financial decisions. I have a strong network of helpful professionals whom I refer to so that all the tricky bits of your life can be taken care of. Please give us a call or send us an email and see if we can assist you in the taking the worry out of the money side of your life."